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Club Adria Pitches at Warner Shows Now Available 06-02-2019

Ramsay Cook makes special arrangement for club members

Ramsay Cook has arranged with Warners Shows to have our Very Own Club Adria Pitches at all their shows.

Although many will be acquainted with them, for newbies, there are eight, April till October. Plus a day visitor show in March.

Since 2003 Ramsay has visited most venues at some stage, enjoying the diversity. Some are themed all have great entertainment ' all four nights!!! '

Whether searching for those elusive goodies for your van or just a leisurely weekend with a difference, they are worth a go. There are shuttle buses to local towns/cities and even some excursions to local attractions. There's no rush you can arrive from Thursday morning no need to leave till Monday lunchtime if you like. Perhaps get a preview of the show Thursday afternoon.
All this plus a chance to meet new or catch up with other Adria owners and put the world or vans to rights. Maybe summon up a club bar-by or afternoon tea, who knows ???
TO BOOK online go to:

You will need your Club Adria Membership Number to receive your discount, Adria are first on the club list, ain't alphabetical order wonderful !
Ramsay would appreciate it, if after booking you could email him; so he can get an idea of numbers, for marshalling etc.

It is important especially in these early days for him to get a handle on things before the cut off date.
After which you will be unable to get on the club area or a discount. So as they say "book early to avoid disappointment!!!"
Any questions or suggestion please email Ramsay at: He doesn't claim to have all the answers but he'll do his best to find them.
Ramsay is looking forward to seeing club members at Peterborough or one of the others soon.
CONTACT: Ramsay Cook