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Puncture Control Offer to Club Adria Members 02-06-2018

20% discount to members

OKO Puncture Control is an Independent and Unique Distributor and Installer of original and genuine OKO tyre sealants.

Club Adria has negotiated a 20% discount with OKO Puncture Control.

They are the Only Authorised Body to supply and install tyre sealants in the Caravan and Motorhome Industry.

They have set up installation centres Nationwide and are able to arrange for your tyres to have our sealants installed at the closest centre to you.

Puncture Control
* Stops you getting punctures
* specially formulated tyre sealants
* designed specifically to prevent punctures
* permanently repairs any penetrated holes
* will repair many times with one dose
* lasts the entire legal life of the tyre
* saves on unnecessary tyre replacements
* no mess when tyres replaced
* alloy wheel friendly
* original inventors of tyre sealants since 1978
* used world wide, including Nato and armed forces
* NCC registered and Verified


CONTACT: GARY 03335 770505
Gary will arrange the local installer (if not himself) for you and ensure that you get the Club Adria 20% discount.