AGM weekend - UPDATEJuly Fri 10th - Sun 12th 2020


Pending further Government advice/information on group meetings the event will NOT BE at the Adria Concessionaires Offices as previously planned.

Please see below for election of Club Officers.

Rally Details
Email from Dave Wharmby, Chairman.

With everything that is going on with Covid-19 you may think this is strange that I am contacting you with this email. We still have to fill these positions
even if the club’s AGM has to be cancelled but then at least the new committee can take on these positions or continue in their role.
If you are happy with the present committee for them to continue for a further two years, you do nothing.
If two members ( remember you have joint membership) and the proposed member is happy to be recommended for one of the three roles, then the membership will be contacted to vote.

The officers of the Committee, Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer positions are for election at this years AGM for a further two year period.

The process is as follows:-

a) Any two members may, with the nominee’s consent, nominate a member to stand on the committee. The proposer and seconder must forward the nomination to the Club Secretary not less than 28 days (by the 11th June) prior to the Annual General Meeting.
Those nominated, their names will be then sent out to all members for voting upon and returned to a independent body (non Adria) by 1st July
When counted they will be included in the vote at the AGM. 11th July

b) Election of committee officers will be by way of a vote at the Annual General Meeting, with each club member and spouse being entitled to one vote each plus votes prior received by the non adjudicator.

If the AGM does not take place:-
1.No names come forward for the committee positions - the present committee will stand for a further two years and you will be notified after the 11th June
2.If names come forward then membership will be contacted after the 11th June to make a their vote by 1st July. Notification of result will then follow after the 11th July.

The present committee Dave Wharmby - chairperson, Alison Difford - secretary and Lynda Ginger - treasurer - are happy to continue their roles for a further two years. If no names are nominated, no election will be required and the present committee will continue in their roles.

Dave Wharmby
Adria Owners Club UK