The 2019 National Caravan And Motorhome Club RallyMay Fri 24th - Tue 28th 2019

Ragley Hall, Park & Gardens, Alcester B49 5NJ
B49 5NJ

Rally Details
The Caravan & Motorhome Club National 2019 is taking place from Friday 24 May to Tuesday 28 May (Bank Holiday weekend) at Ragley Hall, Park & Gardens, Alcester, Warwickshire, B49 5NJ.

The Caravan & Motorhome National 2019 is being sponsored, as in the previous four years, by Adria Concessionaires.

Adria have agreed with the C&MC for pitches to be made available for Club Adria members so we can all be together. As last year the cost of this event is NOT BEING PAID FOR by Adria (prior to this we were fortunate that it was). It is our opportunity to give support to our manufacturer.

This event can be booked even if you are not a member of the C&MC - the same cost applies to all.

Unlike Club Adria rallies this event is NOT booked via Club Adria - this is booked via the C&MC.

You can either book a pitch from the Saturday to Tuesday for £102.00 or if you wish to attend from the Friday this will cost an additional £10.00.

There is entertainment on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. From Jive Talking Bee Gees Tribute, The ELO Experience, Arrival The Hits of ABBA and the Princes of Motown - there is something for all tastes. This evening entertainment - in the Adria Marquee - has always been excellent and we are sure this year will be the same. You will need to book this at the same time so have a think what you would like to attend before you book. There is obviously an additional cost for this.

There will be many other events going on during the weekend, a visit to Ragley Hall can be made; there will be stalls with items for sale, events taking place in the arena and many places to eat. Adria will of course have caravans and motorhomes on display. We, as a club, will plan some club get-togethers as well (more info to follow later). We also have the reigning champions of the Cribbage competition who will be defending their title!

The easiest and best process is to book on-line - use the following link


Click on 'BOOK NOW' under Electric Pitch at the bottom of the screen, you can then log on as a C&MC member of book as a non-member. Click on the down arrow 'Centres and other groups', scroll to the bottom and you will see 'OWNER'S CLUB - ADRIA' in the list. Select this option. Complete the rest as applicable and don't forget your evening entertainment tickets.

Please let Ali Difford know if you have booked so that she can keep a list - once you have booked please email Ali letting her know if you will be arriving on the Friday or the Saturday.

If you are unable to book on-line (the C&MCs preferred method of booking) there is a telephone number of the C&MC that you can use - 01342 336666.

This is NOT a normal Club Adria rally, as bookings must be made via the C&MC, but we can make it a good event for Club Adria members to get together.

ALL QUERIES to Ali Difford please.